What a brilliant find! This is really great for overnight stop overs. Woolworths to get your healthy road trip/car snacks, then a lovely room at Mia Mia with awesome shower, Smart TV that u can sign in to your Netflix account, beautiful towels and linens, comfortable bed, air con and tea/coffee/kettle in your room. Small fridge is really all u need. Staff are really easy to rapport with and helpful+++. Someone has put the effort into making just what you need in a compact room that surrounds u with comfort. This will be my ‘go to’ for passing through Newman.
Nicola Bagley
People have said the prices have been steep, but our experience is that they are VERY reasonable. Very high-end hospitality for our region - so impressed. The venue looks so beautiful. Forgot I was in Newman.
Doug Taua
Excellent accommodation and the food is amazing! Coffee is also fantastic.
Samantha McLaren
Comfortable place to stay. Even though the renovations where still under way, the staff did a good job at making it a pleasant stay. Food was also on point every time.
Damian Smith